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“Beat the Dept of Licensing automatic year suspension on Lack of Probably Cause.
Took a plea to Reckless Driving on the DUI.
Think we could have used the Lack of Probably Cause on this one too.
Chris is good at what he does. I recommend him and would hire him again.

- Daniel

Great Defense Lawyer

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We Design, Manufacture & Install MRI Shielded Enclosures

RF Shielding Products and Services

In addition to new construction projects, NMS provides support for existing shielding structures by way of parts sales, shield maintenance, and RF testing services.  

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How long will it take to install my RF Shield?

Depending on the size of room and the design that you choose, an RF shield manufactured and installed by National MRI Shielding will take between 5 to 15 days to install.  A standard size 1.5T MRI shield room averages about  8 days.

How does your  MRI shield design compare to other companies MRI shields?

National MRI Shielding provides three different types of RF shielding enclosures.  Every shield room that we manufacture meets the most stringent shielding standards and all come with a standard five year warranty.  Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what allows us to provide the best RF shielding in the business!

Our three designs all have different specifications.  If you choose our soldered copper shield, from the inside of the parent walls our shield  uses less than one inch of space, which is why so many choose this style of shield.

How much space will I lose if I use your MRI shielding method?

Our RF shield floor is less than one inch thick.  One of the lowest profile floors in the industry.

How thick is your shield floor?

We supply feed-throughs to route your piping into the room and vertical threaded rod hanger for your fire sprinkler piping.  Another option is to run the sprinkler above the room and penetrate vertically where needed.  We would supply the sprinkler penetration of course.

How do I hang fire sprinkler piping inside the MRI room?

Chris' experience in federal court and well as Spokane County court was important to us. HIs contacts and influence within the local legal community helped make the best of a complicated, multi-jurisdiction situation. The counsel we received from him was carefully considered, based on years of experience, and very helpful. As well, he was very generous in regard to the fees we paid for his services.

- John and Theresa

Federal and Local - Experience Counts

Called Chris, and promptly returned my call, I described the traffic offense issued by WSP during inclement weather, Chris, responded immediately, that he could resolve the issues (CDL Class A) with non infraction to my record, this was accomplished with fine and court cost. Chris was extremely thorough understanding my case and implementing a positive outcome for me.

- Jim Reznik

Referred by friend

Mr Bugbee was assigned to me as a Public Defender, I would not have wanted anyone else, he was excellent. Mr Bugbee was very thorough, always gave me my options, and kept me informed. I believe he truly cared about me, my case, and the out come. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a good man to have on your side.

- Debbie

Public Defender

I hired Chris to assist me with an issue that took place at the airport. Chris explained that he had handled this same situation before and told me just how he planned to proceed with my case. Things happed just as he told me they would.
My only criticism would be that his voice mail box is full quite often.
I highly recommend Chris if you ever need an attorney.

- Mike

As good as his word.

He was an awesome Lawyer! The only thing I wish he had explained the process in the beginning more thoroughly, as I am 56 and never been in any trouble (didn't know what half the terms meant) and perhaps I may not have bothered him so much. He was very patient and that's makes him the best. Thank you Chris for all your patience and understanding. Good bless you

- Vonda



500+ RF & MRI Shielding Projects Worldwide

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Innovative Designs

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National MRI Shielding delivers a wide array of services for MRI suite construction. Starting with design and consultation, NMS helps its clients prepare for the unique challenges presented by the MRI modality. At the onset of a project, NMS delivers site planning, radio-frequency (RF) and magnetic shielding design, and uses its extensive experience to solve problems before they occur.

The core competency of National MRI Shielding is the manufacturing and installation of RF shielded enclosures. To date NMS has provided hundreds of RF shielded enclosures worldwide.  

RF MRI Shielding Products & Services

The RF Shielded Door

Magnetic Shield Design Services

MRI Shielding & RF Shield Enclosures

The Windsor II is the latest innovation in RF shielded doors by National Shielding. Providing an extremely high electromagnetic interference seal combined with excellent acoustic properties, the Windsor II is the result of many years of engineering and research.

This dual layer of RF and acoustical protection places the Windsor II shielded door by National in the top echelons of RF shielding enclosures needing high levels of security.

The RF Shielded Door by National Shielding

Designing a magnetic shield is a critical part of the process of planning a successful MRI installation. Pacemakers are susceptible to the magnetic field and therefore the FDA recommends containment of the 5 gauss field from public access.  

In addition, other equipment may be sensitive to the magnetic field generated by the MRI magnet and this must also be taken into consideration by site planners and architects when designing an MRI imaging center.

National MRI Shielding provides complete magnetic shield design services for all MRI systems using the same software program that the OEM uses to design their magnets.  Our company also provides the specialized steel needed when building MRI magnetic shielding. In addition, our teams of MRI shield installers are ready and able to install your magnetic shield anywhere in the world.

Magnetic Shield Design Services

Before Magnetic Shielding

After Magnetic Shielding

National MRI Shielding manufactures highly secure RF shielding enclosures for secure facilities and other applications such as police evidence rooms.  The doors used in our RF shield rooms are specifically designed to prevent high frequency leakage such as those found in cellular phones and internet data.   In addition, we incorporate sound proofing in our shielded door for very high STC ratings.  

Our RF shielded rooms are built with sturdy modular steel panels that can be customized for any size room and can also be removed and reinstalled if necessary.  We fabricate all our components at our Dallas, TX facility for shipment and installation worldwide.

RF Shielded Enclosures


We supply an electrical power filter for each separate circuit entering the MRI shield room.  These are bolted by NMS to the ouside of the RF shielded room and  penetrate the shield leaving connections  on both sides of the room for your electrical wiring.

How do I get electrical power into the MRI scanner room?

Our MRI shielding meets or exceeds all MRI manufacturer specifications.

Does your RF shield meet all MRI manufacturer specifications?

We manufacture custom doors in our Dallas facility.  Our doors use stainless steel and copper and are very structuraly sound while being quite easy to open and close due to our use of specially engineered patented hardware.   Our latches and handles have the same appearance and functionality of standard commercial door latches, but are actually high performance latches specially made for our heavy duty doors . All our doors meet or exceed all MRI manufacturer shielding specifications.

What kind of door does your MRI shield use?

Our MRI shields have a lifetime limited warranty.

Do you have a guarantee on your MRI shielding?

Our Services

Each project has its own set of challenges that must be met in order to provide an environment in which the MRI application can be successful. NMS utilizes both modular and integrated shielding systems to meet these challenges.

In addition to new construction projects, NMS provides support for existing shielding structures by way of parts sales, shield maintenance, and RF testing services.

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